​More About Grace Lost & Found


Below, is an excerpt from Grace Lost and Found:

We are here to overcome the difficulties and traumas of our life.  We are here to transform what formerly imprisoned

and poisoned us.  We are here to surrender defenses and embrace thinking and actions that are proactive in recovery. 

We are here to bring peace and understanding to the parts inside that need healing.  We are here to receive wisdom

and guidance from the God of our understanding and maintain spiritual fitness as our top priority.  We are here to

become positive examples to others.  We are here to recognize and use our talents to increase goodness in the world.

  We are here to see that holiness is everywhere that we choose to look deeply.  Underneath the worst problem is the

most pain.  Underneath the pain is an earnest plea for help.  It is our task to find the original need and create a life

today that answers it.  Recovery gives us tools to sit alone and silent, and rediscover that we are eternally filled with the

love of our God.  It is not our thoughts, but our hearts that will lead us here.   Mary Cook


                      This book is dedicated to a man I met in the last year of his life.  I was destined to help him heal his  

                      childhood pain, and assist him in returning to his Heavenly home.  He has been of immeasurable help to

                      me personally and professionally ever since his transition. 

I smiled at you and you spoke of fear, that chased you like a monster in the dark.

Your attempts to flee on artificial highs reinforced your pain and gave you more to dread.

So young and needing love and comfort, when trauma took you from your home.

Pain and darkness stole your life force, deprived you of your hearts’ desires.

Reprieve finally came, but you found it impossible to make up for immeasurable loss. 

The scar couldn’t cover the depth of fear, that you were broken and would never be filled.

Reaching outside yourself became an obsession.  Gratification fueled the need for more.

Tortured now by continual craving, you mistook your shadow for your self.

Until one day you courageously surrendered the artificial life for what was real.

You learned to follow direction from those who’d gone before you.

A new way of life with steps and traditions, a fellowship based on principles and purpose.

Service to others gave honor and value, and led you to recall the wholeness of your soul.

It was after this time that I finally met you.  I saw a man haunted by past despair.

And I saw an amazing dancing soul, with stars in his eyes and dreams on his mind.

Your tears and tenderness gave you the strength to stay for once, where you were safe.

Your wisdom and willingness gave you grace, your humor broke through the clouds.

I saw your highest truth and you saw mine.  God was everywhere, inside of me and you.

Guiding two souls fulfilling a mission.  And all we knew was it could not be otherwise. 

You helped me to see the depth of giving and receiving, 
and the power of prayer and healing.

I lost you from this earth, but not from my heart. 

You kept on giving from the heavenly realms.

I believed before, but you led me to knowing, 
that souls are eternal and we never stop growing.

This book is dedicated to you, Jeffrey Dillwood. 

Childhood trauma, pain and addiction could not extinguish the highest truth;

that God is always in us and the greatest power is love.

Thank you Jeffrey, for opening my heart so profoundly to God’s love.

Thank you for continuing to help me, 
in extending light and love from your celestial home.

Love always, Mary