Grace Lost & Found

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Many recovery books are for the beginner and that makes sense. But then what? This grace-filled book is for people at later stages of their recovery who are looking to uncover the underlying causes for their addiction and heal the psychological and spiritual pain, often lingering from childhood, that many addicts bear.

Grace Lost & Found is an inspirational and deep exploration of problems and pain and provides a compassionate approach to healing addictions, compulsions, and other unhealthy habits. The 40 essays, each with their own set of practices and affirmations, engage readers on a journey through body, mind, and spirit, symbolic symptoms, pain messages, levels of consciousness, and an expanded view of identity and life.

The essays reach right down to the bottom of the addict's bag of tricks -- lack of accountability, the tendencies to externalize blame, willfulness, defending and pretending, immaturity, denial -- and offer wise, compassionate, and get-real spiritual counsel.

As Mary reminds us, we tend to grow from pain and crisis:

"I help people find the ultimate treasure in their problems, the messages in their pain and the metaphors in their symptoms. We are being guided to a higher, healthier path, when we pay attention."    

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"Grace Lost & Found is an empowering resource for abandoning and healing the wounds of your past, surviving, and thriving in the face of adversity and rejection and creating your authentic self." - Bernie Siegel, M.D.

"Once I started reading Grace Lost & Found, I could not put it down. I was struck how deeply Mary Cook wove the process of recovery into her work. A must read for those seeking wellness." - Pia Mellody

"Grace Lost & Found creates the opportunity for a deeper understanding of addictive behavior and recovery. It provides more than information, it provides a process for personal reflection." - Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D. 

"In the fine book Grace Lost & Found, Mary Cook gently invites readers to share her journey of hope through the angst of addiction. She touches the heart of the matter as well as the heart of the reader." - Karen Casey, Ph. D.